Perfect Complement to Your Spa Services

You've created the space and offering services for your clients to feel the luxurious moments of care for themselves.

While they're coming for the physical relaxation and the services to enhance their outer beauty, you can round out the experience by offering premium tea blends that enriches their Inner Beauty - along with the confidence and esteem to express it.

Welcome your guests with a warm, luxurious blend that activates the self-love and care they came to you for in the waiting room or lounge.

Perfect Volume Pricing

Ensure you have the premium tea blends on hand for your guests with volume pricing exclusively for Spas. Also applies to complementary drinkware, such as infusers, mugs and glassware.

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Blissful Spa Collection

Bring this collection to your Spa that includes premium tea blends that'll enhance your guest's experience. Stimulate the expression of beauty from within, their confidence, esteem and love for themselves - rounding out why they're there getting their services with you.

Sippin' While Waiting

Activate your guests' transition into their Self-Love and Self-Care practice by offering luxury tea blends in your Lounge and Waiting areas. Set the stage with the aroma of steeping tea wafting through the room inviting them to indulge in sips enhancing their love and compassion for themselves.

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Let's Chat About Offering Teas of Perfect(ion) to Your Guests

Thank you for choosing Teas of Perfect(ion)!

With every sip, may you realize you are Whole and Complete - simply Perfect.