Teas of Perfect(ion), Explained

Perfect is a most glorious word that’s misunderstood. From the design of the tea blends to the qualities of the Sipper, you’re invited to embrace the root meaning of Perfect, being “Whole and Complete.”


Introducing the latest tea brand with blends designed to be Sips for the Soul.

Personally formulated by Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant, De’Nicea Hilton Harper, you’re invited to immerse yourself in the indulgent teas of Teas of Perfect(ion) at the Launch Party Experience!

Teas of Perfect(ion) was born out of encouraging others to create the space where simply sippin’ some tea can be an indulgent and luxurious experience as you engage in conversations with your Soul.

Each of the blends were formulated to bring out the psycho-spiritual and emotional healing aspects of the many herbs and flowers that are around us - just waiting to offer you support in your Soul’s Healing Evolution.

"Teas" Explained

The tea blends themselves are blended to bring in varying notes that harness the energetic and moving actions of the individual herbs and flowers in a way that when you bring them together, they harmonize and feel Perfect - Whole and Complete.

"Perfect" Explained

On a personal level, as you indulge in a tea blend, you’re receiving the psycho-spiritual and emotional healing properties of the herbs and flowers in the blend.

Where it’s easy for you to consider the Physical aspect of your Being, Teas of Perfect(ion) highlights the other components of you.

This creates the space for you to bridge the Spirit, Emotion, Mental, Physical and Environment together - representing your Perfect (Whole and Complete) Being.

"(ion)" Explained

The (ion) at the end of Teas of Perfect(ion) taps into the fact that you’re an ionic Being - we attract and repel aaallll the time. As you’re delighting in Sips for the Soul, you’re asking the herbs and flowers energetic influences to attract what supports your Soul’s Healing Evolution and repel what doesn’t.

Thank you for choosing Teas of Perfect(ion)!

With every sip, may you realize you are Whole and Complete - simply Perfect.

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