What's Your Soul Asking For?

Choose your teas with intention

You're invited to choose your teas based on what you're being called to. What are you seeking right now? What would you like to experience and add more of in your life?

Choose Your Teas

Meet Your Tea Blend Designer

De'Nicea Hilton Harper

So ecstatic to reach more people in their Holistic Healing Journey by designing blends to partner with you in your evolution - just by sippin' a cup of tea! I've seen the magic of plants and flowers in Holistic Healing in my practice as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant for women's health. And, now you get to, as well!

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Live Soul-Filled

Steeping in your cup are the essences of healing herbs and flowers just for you - for your beautiful Soul to radiate!

  • Indulge

    Engage all of your senses as you sip opening to your desires

    Take me there! 
  • Inspire

    As you sip, feel your Self connecting with your Soul and Spirit

    Get my teas! 
  • Insight

    In this connection, gain awareness, wisdom and guidance for your Healing Journey

    Choose my sips! 
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